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Nora Giron-Dolce

I belong to a family of Olimpic Divers. I have been working with Children of all ages and all different types of abilities. I have a strong background in teaching. I love to swim and be surrounded by children.

Erik Oldenburger

I grew up with a pool right behind my house and spent every chance I could swimming there as a kid. I stuck with the sport though and eventually got the hang of it. I swam for that swim team and other teams as well for 14 years. I swam for my high school for 3 years and was a state level competitor. After high school, I decided to compete in cross country in college. I became an assistant coach after college as well as a swim instructor at the same pool for 2 years. Nowadays I am about to start diving in school and teaching here. I love working with kids of all ages and adult friendly as well!

Rosanna Holod 

Having been involved in the swimming world since the age of 12, my passion for the sport is endless. My main goal is to emphasize the importance of safety and to promote muscle memory, discipline, and the proper technique to prevent injury. I have been a swim team coach on the South Snohomish County Dolphins swim team for 3 years. I was also a competitive swimmer on the Seattle University swim team where I engaged in community work and teaching private lessons to children of many ages.

Kristi Krumperman

I have been teaching swim lessons for close to a decade.  My top priorities are for my students to learn water safety and to enjoy swimming.  When I am not in the pool, I am either in the classroom as a 5th-grade teacher or at the dog park with my dogs.

JD Stern

Swimming is a life long activity that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy. I first entered the water at a very young age having grown up very near a pool and the lake. It is still a difficult chore to get me out. I swam many years competitively starting at the age of 6. I have a real passion for teaching and coaching, working with all ages and levels of ability. My priority and goal are to ensure water safety and improve their techniques with lots of fun mixed in.

Naomi Prasad

Growing up on an island swimming was second nature. I have had the opportunity to swim competitively all four years of high school.
Throughout college, I taught swim lessons to all age ranges from 5 months old babies to adults. I also have coached the swim team in Lincoln, NE. During my summers off of college, I lifeguarded at several lakes. I love teaching swim lessons because swimming is such an essential tool in life. Making everyone feel comfortable and safe in the water. 

Roshni Prabhu

I have been a competitive swimmer for 15 years as a member of a local aquatic club in India and also participated in Asia Pacific international swim meet. I graduated from Kasturba medical college, India and worked as a consultant in Clinical Research and Analytics. 
I believe swimming is the best sport which gives the whole body exercise with minimum injury and is suited for all age groups. To me, swimming is a life skill that every individual should acquire and enjoy. I  am super excited to share my knowledge and techniques to my clients. 
In my spare time, I love to travel, bake and spend quality time with my family outdoors. 

Krista Sires

I have 30+ years of aquatic instruction ranging from babies to adults. My goal is to focus on form, endurance and speed to develop a comfortable experience in the water for each of my clients. I enjoy working with all types of ability from overcoming fear to competitive swimming which includes triathlon training.  

Maddie Smith

 Swimming has been a big part of my life ever since I was a kid. I am swimming competitively for my high schools varsity team and I hope to continue my swimming throughout college. I believe it's very important for kids to learn how to feel comfortable in the water but also how to be safe. I enjoy working with children all ages and all abilities. 

Beth Eisenbeis

I was a competitive swimmer from the age of 7 up to Highschool- in Highschool I did synchronized swimming.  During this time I also taught swim lessons and also taught while in college.  I've taught infants on up to adults.  I'm also currently teaching Art classes for a company that travels to after school programs and pre school programs. I enjoy working with all age levels.

Nicole Hoot

I started competitive swimming when I was four years old. Then I moved to Japan at eight years old and swam competitively for the Navy base at various sites in Japan. In 2006 I moved to Italy and swam competitively for the Navy base all over Europe, achieving recognition as best in the European League for my age group. Then I moved to the U.S. in 2008 and swam competitively for all schools until graduation from Kamiak High School in 2016.

Cyan Swimming Academy focuses on providing private swimming lessons to kids and adults. Our seasoned instructors bring years of professional training and teaching experience, cater training plan to fit individual student’s needs, fine tune swimming techniques, and deliver results with progressive improvement in swimming forms and speed. 

Our client’s safety is our first priority. We take pride in our quality instructors. Instructors must meet the following criteria before teaching a class: 

  •  CPR
  •  First Aid
  •  Water Safety Instruction
  •  40+ hours of water training and coaching orientation 

We are member of the United Stated Swim School Association. We adopt best practices from the professional association and participate in annual conference and workshops.

Daniel Watts

Swimming has been a key part of my life. I've swam for 8 years competitively and still continue to swim competitively. I've swam at regional and state level completions. I enjoy working with all ages and abilities of swimmers. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and thrive in the water. I want everyone to be able to have the proper skills to remain safe and comfortable in the water. 

Stephanie Bultman

I was later to the swimming world, I didn’t start swimming until I was 12. I swam with a club and with my high school team then continued to swim collegiately for 4 years. I have been teaching both group and private lessons since I was 13 for all ages including adults. I have also coached a summer swim team and helped with two teams for kids who have a physical disability. I love to teach swimming and always make the lessons fun and constructive to ensure water safety in and near the water. 

Meranda Schaffer

I have been swimming since I could walk. It is one of the great joys of my life and I love being able to pass along my knowledge of swimming to others. I worked as a swim instructor and a lifeguard for eight summers throughout high school and college, as well as coaching swim team. I am a fun, weird, and optimistic girl who enjoys watching way too much tv and spending time visiting with my two dogs and cat, who live in Oregon.