We at Cyan Swimming believe that private swim lessons are the superior method for learning how to swim.  Students learn in a one-on-one environment under the constant view of an instructor.  Students will progress faster and any errors made can be corrected on the spot.  Our semi-private swim lessons provide a more cost effective option for families with multiple children or those who want to share their private lessons with family friends. 

Each student is unique in the way that they learn how to swim.  Some students take to swim lessons well while others need more time.  With a one on one learning environment, our instructors can create swim lessons based on the individual needs of the student.  As good as private and semi-private lessons are it's the magic of our instructors that creates success.  Our experienced and qualified instructors provide customized skill clinic as well as steady progress.  With our one-on-one private and one-on-two semi-private swim lesson model, they deliver solid results.    Check them out on our instructor bios.

Our private and semi-private swim lessons begin at 30-mins with the option to go for longer sessions at 45-mins to a max of 60-mins.  

Make-up Lesson Policy

Makeup lesson is for emergency reasons. Allowed once in every 3 months. Need to book make up class in next 6 days before next regular recurring lesson and once the make up lesson booked you have to keep the next regular recurring lesson with the SAME instructor (depends on instructor availability). 

                     Reschedule and Cancellation policy

If you need to reschedule or cancel your lessons, please call 425-867-2323 or email at cyanswimming@gmail.com. We require 24-hours in advance notice for any changes to the private and semi-private lessons. Any notice within the 24-hour range will be considered late cancel, and you will be charged the full price of your lesson fee. As a courtesy to our members, we offer ONE make-up lesson with no charge for every three months period.

 Want to incorporate swimming into your kids’ routine workout, but cannot catch up the demanding schedule of swimming meets? Cyan swimming offers non-compete swim team group practice program, which allows your kids to improve their swimming technique and speed thru regular practices. We also foster the spirit of sportsmanship and friendship among our swim team members, which help kids develop great self-esteem, stamina, and interpersonal skills.

Want to practice swimming, but 
cannot effectively finish your training plan in overcrowded public pool? We will limit 5 swimmers per lane for our swim team practice. Our highly qualified coaches bring years of professional and competitive training experience and will transfer their techniques effectively to improve your form and speed.

We offer 2 times/week and 3 times/week group practice options. Swimmers will be grouped by their age and swimming levels. 

Private Lesson & Semi-private lesson

Our baby swim lessons called the Mini 1 and Mini 2 program, is geared towards all little ones ranging from 4 to 35 months of age.  

Our Mini 1 program takes little ones from 4 to 15 months old.  The class is geared towards kids who have never seen the water before, are terrified of it, or both.  Parent and child get into the water together to perform swimming exercises that get your child used to the water.  The swimming exercises we'll be working on are designed to not only introduce your child to the water but to establish safe swimming practices that make learning how to swim much easier.  

Our Mini 2 program takes everything learned from the Mini 1 and builds upon them.  Exercises will last longer, parents will be encouraged to let their kids try to perform them alone, and an emphasis on learning specific techniques will be established.  Children who were not in the Mini 1 program will be old enough to understand the techniques being taught and will benefit greatly before beginning private swim lessons

Schedule lessons: please fill out open enrollment form. You will be contacted by a coordinator to discuss the days and times available for scheduling.

Procedures on Day of Lesson: Upon arriving for your swimming lesson, please check in Cyan Swim front desk. Your instructor will be waiting for you at the pool deck. Please exchange information with your instructor on the first day in order to communicate any questions, comments, or concerns. Please feel free to discuss details about your child's lessons with your instructor at the end of the lesson. 


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